Using Smart Goals for Your Self Care

Using Smart Goals for Your Self Care

When spring rolls around each year, many of us start thinking about what we hope to accomplish in the coming season.

Maybe it is to get a new job that we find meaningful, pay off debt, focus on our health, save for a vacation, lose weight, learn to garden……..

Usually our goals center around: growth, change, meaning, and/or purpose.

We all have a deep desire to become the best version of ourselves.

Unfortunately, many to most of us really don’t know how to successfully reach our goals. We all know we want to succeed but most of us just make vague resolutions/goals and then forget about them or become discouraged within the first few days, weeks or months.

We make excuses so we won’t feel bad about abandoning the resolutions/goals and convince ourselves we will try again when life isn’t so busy or when we aren’t so tired or when the weather is nicer and on and on and on……..

Whenever that will be – most of us are still waiting for these things to happen!

Ultimately, why we dont follow thru on our resolutions/goals isn’t because of the above excuses. It is because our goals were VAGUE and/or UNREALISTIC and we didn’t even know it!

To be successful in reaching our goals, which will bring us more hope, happiness and healing we need to use SMART goals.

What are SMART goals?

SMART goals are practical, actionable and time bound. They can be used for any goal – personal or professional , big or little, fun or serious.

SMART stand for:

Specific – clear and concise

Measurable – a way or ways to measure the outcome of the goal

Actionable – steps that require action

Realistic – most people could achieve this

Timely – the goal has deadline and timelines for each action step

A SMART goal is a simple yet very effective method to reach and surpass our goal NOW, instead of waiting for when we have the time, energy or the weather finally behaves (never gonna happen!)

So, over the next week think about what you truly want to accomplish this month, season or year. Bring those vague goals with you when you check out Part 2 of this topic and we can work together to transform them into successful SMART goals.

See you next week!

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