Stress – The Arch Enemy Of Self Care

Welcome and hello to everyone!

I hope your week is going well and has included some serious self care.

This blog post will focus on stress and its relationship to self care. 

So let’s jump right in!

Usually when someone says they are stressed or having a stressful day they are referring to negative stress.

Many people are unaware and are even surprised when they learn that there is such a thing as positive stress and that it has a beneficial impact on our health.

Eustress or positive stress is generally thought of as short term, positive and helps us to focus on a goal or objective we want to achieve, in an exciting and productive way while still staying within our established coping strategies.

However, distress or negative stress is profoundly different from eustress/positive stress in that it shuts down our critical thinking, can be short term or chronic and usually overwhelms our established coping strategies while causing or worsening our overall health and creating new health challenges.

Simple yet profound truth: Stress kills!

There is no easy way to say it. Stress is killing each of us and our world little by little each day. It is stripping us of our resilience, empathy, energy, critical thinking skills, and health, among other things. And the saddest thing of all, is most of us are letting stress win by not putting self care where it belongs– at the core of our thinking, our day, and our life.

You may be thinking – “Come on, it isn’t that bad” or “Sheesh someone needs to take a chill pill!” or even “Ooooookay then” (as you back away slowly). LOL!

Well, research seems to be backing me up. There are more and more studies and documentaries coming out that show a strong correlation between stress and negative health outcomes.

Below is just a quick 5 minute video on how stress can affects our bodies.

Stress has a real negative impact on our decision making as well. When under a great deal of stress or a low level of stress over a prolonged amount of time we can begin to make poor choices regarding food, sleep, important life decisions, parenting choices, unhealthy habits (smoking, drinking, over eating, engaging in unsafe or risky behaviours etc) and over time these poor choices have a damaging effect on our health (mental, physical, emotional…)

Really, we should all be concerned about the level of stress in our lives.

Stress has become so common place that many if not most of us do not even recognize the stress we each carry because it has become so normalized in our day to day life. This is not okay. This is not healthy, or normal and we shouldn’t accept it as “the way it is”. We all need to take a stand.

Stress. Eek! The arch enemy of self care. It is everywhere! While this arch enemy seems to be winning, we can fight back by donning our self care capes and saving the world, one person at a time(you)!

Simple but profound truth: Self Care Heals.

There are simple (yet not easy) things each of us can slowly incorporate into our day, our thinking and the core of who we are, that will have a positive and accumulative effect on our self care and help us to reduce, remove and let go of the stress that is not serving our best interests.

So, for this week focus on:

1 – Kicking out the negative stress

2 – Keeping the positive stress

3 – And increasing your self care

Well until next week:

We can change the world

Each of us

In our own ways, in our own time and on our own terms

Self Care Cape Crusaders UNITE!